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Attorney Bio

Attorney Edwin Vargas received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1986. After a several years working in franchise development, he returned to school and, in 1993, received his Juris Doctorate from Cleveland Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University.

After gaining admittance to the Ohio bar in May of 1994, Attorney Vargas began his law career and practiced criminal defense as an Associate Attorney with Michael C. Hennenberg and Associates. There he gained extensive criminal defense experience in both trial and appellate courts of federal, state and municipal jurisdictions.  During this time, he gained admission to the Northern and Southern District of Ohio Federal District Courts as well as the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. In early 1997 Edwin moved on with his legal career and eventually worked into a partnership position in his own firm.

Edwin Vargas
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Edwin Vargas

During his decade as a partner, Attorney Vargas practiced criminal defense all over the State of Ohio and the United States. While in his partnership, he zealously advocated for his firm’s clients in criminal courts and gained trial experience in complex federal criminal prosecutions, state-charged criminal cases that included capital offense, and a large array of municipal level criminal charges.

In 2007, after 13 years of practicing law with other firms, Attorney Vargas formed an independent law practice and embarked on a career in criminal defense bringing with him skills, techniques, and knowledge gained from practicing at the highest levels of criminal defense.

Today Attorney Vargas, armed with the knowledge and skills gained through 25 years of criminal defense experiences and continuous study, applies these skills to help his clients. He is Rule 20 Certified to represent a person accused of capital offenses where possible punishment includes death. He is also a member of the Ohio Bar Association, the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Cuyahoga County Defense Lawyers Association.